Nite Maverick - Jake Best

Extreme athlete, businessman and ex-boxer

Jake is the true embodiment of what it is to be a Nite Maverick.

What Makes Jake Best a Nite Maverick?

Jake is a man who truly maximises every minute of every day.

Having previously served in the military, fitness has long been a passion of Jake’s which led him on a path through to a spell in professional boxing.

Work wise Jake is a founding Director of Clearwater Dynamics who offer a vast range of maritime solutions globally, being responsible for in excess of 5,000 vessels.

Jake continues to push himself day in, day out and is now the proud holder of multiple world records gained raising money and awareness for a variety of charities.

We continue to be blown away by Jake’s energy and ability to excel across multiple disciplines whilst also being a genuinely great bloke.

Jake Best

Nite Maverick

As Worn By Jake

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