Adventurer, ex-professional kite-boarder and founding editor of Advanture Magazine

What Makes Alex a Nite Maverick?

Alex’s early career as a professional kite-boarder opened his eyes and set him on his way. Alex lives a life full of adventure and loves to document it along the way, and encourages others to do the same. Alex is the founding editor of Advanture Magazine, est. 2020. Advanture is a 100-page print journal, full of inspiring stories by those who call the road, home. The magazine provides insight into outdoors life, vanlife, travel inspiration and wanderlust.

After travelling the world with his fiancee, Alex decided to base himself with his family in the Pyrenees as it is the perfect base for everything including vanlife, camping, hiking, skiing, fishing and living a meaningful outdoors enthused life.

Advanture Magazine

The concept of Advanture was probably born on some long road trip, where Alex and Mascha would spend hours talking about nothing and everything. This hot idea turned to reality, and today Advanture is enjoyed by readers around the world.


Plans for 2024

In 2024 a new adventure rental operation will start under the name of Rubber Tramps. Come on a road trip in a retro Volkswagen camper, kitted out with all the adventure gear you’d need to live offgrid in the mountains. La Cerdanya is the home base for the magazine, and the rental experience will offer readers and other interested people predetermined routes and points of interest to discover the parts of the Pyrenees which inspire many an adventure published in Advanture Magazine.

Alex is currently pretty loose with other plans, but will mostly be based around home in the Pyrenees working on lots of restoration and mechanical work in his garage!

As Worn By ALex

Alex sports the Atlas, our first Swiss made automatic field watch. This watch is designed and engineered to meet strict criteria whilst being stylish. The brushed steel case, with a sapphire anti-reflective coating and tritium illimitation makes this watch the perfect essential for a continuum of adventures.


Alex lives for a lifetime of never-ending adventures.

The Atlas is proud to share its DNA with the first “Dirty Dozen” field watches worn during World War II. The name was given to designs from twelve companies commissioned by the Ministry of Defence for a new kind of wristwatch able to perform in the field under the most extreme pressures. Strict performance specifications included waterproofing, timekeeping, luminous markings on the dial and robust case construction.

It has been designed and engineered to meet the same strict criteria and reflect the style and needs of the mavericks who put it to the test today.